Our Quality policy is to provide complete satisfaction to our valued customers by ensuring quality products and services with the involvement & integrated efforts of all our people and in our activities.

Objectives for Quality Achievement

In order to achieve the key objectives, different departments of our organization contribute as follows:-
  • On receipt of tender document, our Project engineers prepare the offer in totality and take part in the techno – commercial discussions. Also concerned engineer ensures to resolve any anomalies between order / contract documents and our offer with subsequent confirmation.
  • In receipt of order, our Engineering Section involves in detail engineering design of the proposed system, equipment etc preparation of drawings specification, data sheets etc as per latest IS Code of practice I.E. Rules, National International standards and as per Customer’s specifications as well.
  • In regards to the selection of suppliers, manufacturers, as well documented procedure is maintained to ensure that all components, comprising the plant & equipment are manufactured strictly as per relevant specifications IS. This is done by our Purchase Section in co-ordination with Engineering and Project Sections. Also expending & inspection done on the basis of manufacturer’s Quality-cum-Inspection Test plan.
  • In order to ensure Completion of the project in time, our Project Dept organizes meeting with all concerned departments for every project at regular intervals where item wise monitoring is done.
  • Our well trained construction Site Engineers, Supervisors, Skilled Workman etc carry out installation work under Project Section. Our project construction engineers attend customer’s complaints if any, promptly to ensure the quality of the work.
  • Our qualified Testing & Commissioning Engineers are involved in commissioning & trial run of proposed plant in co-ordination with our Construction Site Engineer and in line with the time schedule of customer.
  • Internal Audits are conducted at regular interval to monitor the compliance of the system with the requirements of different statutory agencies.

Quality Assurance Plan

The following activities are considered towards quality assurance plans for individual projects:-
  • Ensuring of the design, fabrication, procurement, installation, inspection & Test Procedures and the applicable documentation are comparable.
  • Identification and acquisition of any controls, equipment, fixtures, resources and skills, that may be needed to achieve the required quality.
  • Clarification of standards of acceptability for all features and requirements, including those which contain a subjective element.
  • Updating of quality control, inspection and testing techniques, including development of new instrument, as and when felt necessary.
  • The management review meeting are held in plant in troubles, participated by all concerned engineers for review of Quality objectives, customer complaints, corrective and preventive actions, process implementation of latest system if any.
  • As regards to product identification and tractability, where it is appropriate and practicable the products are identified by drawing no item code no / make no Tag no etc during fabrication / manufacturing installation. Moreover Quality records for identification are maintained where tractability is a specific requirement.

Project Planning

This is done as the initial stage of execution of any Project via Bar Chart Programme PERT Network in consultation with client client’s consultants with various activities in defined time frame.

Design Control

In regards to design input all pertinent requirements relating to project are identified, noted and documented from contract including incomplete ambiguous or conflicting requirement if any are resolved with client. The design input also considers the results of any contract review activities. The design outputs are in the form of drawings / data sheets specifications / material schedules etc.

Testing site construction and erection activities: The design outputs are such that they meet the design input requirements and contain / make reference to acceptance criteria. This design output documents are need to be approved by client / their Consultant before taking any major procurement actions installation work at site.

Design Control

The documented procedure on procurement activities is established and maintained to ensure that the purchase products confirm to specific Quality requirement.

The approved list of manufacturers / suppliers / sub/contractors is maintained by Purchase Section and the same is monitored through a sub-contractor rating system which is depended on quality, delivery, infrastructure, Price and after sales. The purchasing data specified on purchase order includes where ever applicable the followings :-
  • The title number and issue of the quality system standards, national or international standards to be applied to the products.
  • The type, class, style, grade or other precise identification.
  • The issue of specifications, drawings, data sheets, inspection / testing instructions and other relevant technical data including requirements for Approval etc.
  • Finally the Purchase order is reviewed by Engineering & Project Sections towards approval for adequacy of the above requirement prior to release the purchase order.

Inspection & Shop Testing

All incoming products and services required for any project contract are inspected OR otherwise verified for establishing conformance to specified requirements as per documented procedure.

Stage inspections during manufacturing, fabrication or installation are carried out as per documented procedure to check where process monitoring and control methods are practiced. No product is dispatched until all activities is specified in the quality plant or documented procedures have been satisfactorily completed and the associated data / documents available and authorized.

Storage and Handling

Designed storage areas or store room where ever practicable are provided to prevent damage or deterioration of product pending use Documented procedure are followed for receipt and issue. The condition of equipment in stock is assessed at appropriate intervals for detection of deterioration of the equipment. Where ever required appropriate methods are adopted for presentation and segregation of product under control of organization. The quality of the product is protected during shipment and other phases of delivery.

All quality records are legible and identifiable to the items involved. These are stored and maintained in such a way that they are readily accessible retrievable and stored in as environment to minimize deterioration or damage and to prevent loss.

Internal Quality Audits

This is carried out in order to very whether quality activities comply with planned arrangements and to determine the effectiveness of the quality system. The results of the internal audit are documented and brought to the attention of concerned personnel who will take corrective measures on the deficiency found by the audit.

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  • To ensure the longevity of our organization through customer satisfaction service like timely dead line of work, quality in work.
  • Maintain good relationship with our supplier, contractor, and customer, business associate with highest level of professionalism, reliability and honesty.
  • Promise to serve excellent customer service with most competitive prices
  • Taking care of society as well as our team professionals
  • To provide the highest level of service, the broadest selection of products and the most competitive prices.
  • Aim to maintain strong relation with by exceeding our customer’s expectation and gaining their trust through exceptional performance of our team professional’s innovative service.

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